Housing Price Index

Housing Price Index kbaadmin May 12, 2022

In 2014, Kenya Bankers Association launched the KBA Housing Price Index (HPI) to provide market players and policy makers with an improved analytical tool that is useful for tracking the housing sector based on locational and qualitative and quantitative characteristics that influence pricing. The HPI which is published on a quarterly basis is computed using the hedonic pricing model, which estimates the price of a house from the imputed prices of the house characteristics.

April 2024 Housing Market Prices Decelerate in Q4-2023 Issue 30
December 2021 Housing market exhibits more signs of slowdown in the fourth quarter of 2021 Issue 29
September 2021 Quarter 3 House Prices in record drop, by the highest margin since 2014 Issue 28
June 2021 House Price Softening Trend Sustained in Q2, albeit Stronger than First Quarter Issue 27
March 2021 First Quarter Price Dips Dampening Recovery Recorded in Q4-2020 Issue 26
March 2021House Prices Signal Some Recovery after Seven Quarters of Depressed Growth Issue 25
November 2020 House Price Deceleration Flattens Off Issue 24
August 2020 House Prices Gradually Crawl out of the Red Issue 23
May 2020 House Prices Continue to Cool Issue 22
January 2020 House Prices Stuck in the Red Issue 21
November 2019 House Prices The Sustained Softening Issue 20
August 2019 House Prices Remain Depressed Issue 19
May 2019 House price growth softens to a five-year low Issue 18
February 2019 House Prices Reverse the Decline Rate of Increase, but Hardly Race Ahead Issue 17
November 2018 House Prices Remain Stable in Q3 Issue 16
September 2018 House Prices Stabilize in Quarter 2 of 2018 Issue 15
May 2018 Index reflects a reversal of the decline of price growth Issue 14
January 2018 House Prices still Subdued in Quarter Four of 2017 Issue 13
November 2017 No Respite for the Declining Trend in the Rate Of House Prices IncreaseIssue 12
July 2017 Further Residential House Price Softening in Quarter two of 2017Issue 11
May 2017 Residential House Prices Stabilizes as Demand Softens in Quarter 1Issue 10
January 2017 Softening House PricesIssue 9
November 2016 Consistent Upward Trajectory in House pricesIssue 8
July 2016 House Prices on an Upward but Modest TrendIssue 7
April 2016 House Price Uptick on the Back of Broad StabilityIssue 6
January 2016 House prices sustain a stable streakIssue 5
October 2015 House prices respond to FX Volatility and rising interest ratesIssue 4
July 2015 House price movementsIssue 3
April 2015 House price movementsIssue 2
February 2014 Overall House Price ChangesIssue 1
February 2015 HPI Concept Framework