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In 2014, Kenya Bankers Association launched the KBA Housing Price Index (HPI) to provide market players and policy makers with an improved analytical tool that is useful for tracking the housing sector based on locational and qualitative and quantitative characteristics that influence pricing. The HPI which is published on a quarterly basis is computed using the hedonic pricing model, which estimates the price of a house from the imputed prices of the house characteristics.
Date Title Issue
January 2017 Softening House Prices Issue 9
July 2016 House Prices on an Upward but Modest Trend Issue 8
April 2016 House Price Uptick on the Back of Broad Stability Issue 7
January 2016 House prices sustain a stable streak Issue 6
October 2015 House prices respond to FX Volatility and rising interest rates Issue 5
July 2015 House price movements Issue 4
April 2015 House price movements Issue 3
February 2014 Overall House Price Changes Issue 2
February 2015 HPI Concept Framework Issue 1
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